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Innovation Management

The organization counts on several mechanisms for its Management of Innovation, so that such management will be perceived as a process and not as an accidental event. Although this process does not necessarily occur in a linear fashion, but rather interactively (in accordance with modern theories of innovation), it can be claimed that the process begins with the identification of Data Sources, usually from the Strategic Management, the Business Plan and the Business Intelligence System, the latter of which is aimed at monitoring Technological, Competitive and Environmental trends.

…The process begins with the identification of Data Sources…

Afterwards, a Generation of Opportunities occurs, wherein we can find the Armando ideas (Building Ideas) program for promoting creativity, and also the Project Bank, with which the maturation of the corresponding project ideas is accomplished.

Subsequently, there is the R+D+I Project Management, which is developed according to the previously stated research programs, as well as the corresponding protection and exploitation of results, where intellectual property and technology transfer are managed.

Finally, there is the Dissemination of Science, Technology and Innovation, bringing together the Ship Science & Technology Journal, the International Congress of Naval Design and Engineering and the Annual Report of Science, Technology and Innovation, which are the Corporation’s main products towards a social ownership of science, also involving the presentation of papers in journals and world-class events.

…Generation of Opportunity, where we can find the Armando ideas program for fostering creativity…