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About Us

COTECMAR is an innovative organization that works in the field of scientific and technological research, supporting the development of Colombia's maritime industry.

Our experience takes into consideration both the Advanced Design and Construction of naval platforms tailored to the needs of every client, and the repair and maintenance of vessels at the highest standards of quality, technical expertise and response capacity within fast action timeframes.

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COTECMAR develops scientific and technological capabilities through innovation in products, services and processes, aimed at satisfying the needs of the Colombian Navy and the naval, maritime and fluvial industry, leading the sustainable growth of the sector within a framework of social responsibility.

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By the year 2042, COTECMAR with its strategic allies will have consolidated its position in Latin America as an innovative leader in the naval, maritime and fluvial industry, generating strategic advantages for the Colombian Navy and value to the private market, as a result of the technological development achieved by the Colombian shipyard sector.

Corporate Values

In Cotecmar, with every dream, great ideas are born that we always turn into realities embodied in better and more efficient procedures, products and services oriented to innovation and continuous improvement.

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Each member of Cotecmar is characterized by his constant willingness to serve, so we are committed and responsible to apply our knowledge and skills to achieve together the proposed goals for the benefit of the Corporation and its stakeholders.

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In Cotecmar, leadership is part of our organizational culture present at all levels, through which the excellence of all its members is promoted, joining efforts to achieve common goals.

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In Cotecmar we recognize our responsibility with the State, society and each member of it; therefore we frame our business activity in the protection of the environment, sustainable development and the established social and economic order.

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The members of Cotecmar are an example of honesty and we always act in an impeccable manner, therefore we are faithful to our ethical principles and reproach any conduct that generates damage to the Corporation, in order to ensure its stability and permanence for future generations.

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History of Cotecmar

Legal Framework

We are a non-profit science and technology corporation, with the legal nature of an indirect decentralized entity linked to the Ministry of National Defense, with a legal regime of private law and its own budget. We have 3 technological partners through which we develop applied research, with an innovative spirit: the Technological University of Bolivar, the National University and the University of the North.

Corporate model

COTECMAR was founded on the basis of the following:

Bylaw 29 of 1990
Provisions for the promotion of scientific research and technological development (...)
Bylaw Decree 393 of 1991
Standards on associations for scientific and technological activities, research projects (...)
Bylaw 1286 of 2009 “Science and Technology Act”
Transforming Colciencias into an Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation, thus strengthening the National Science, Technology and Innovation System in Colombia, as well as the enactment of other provisions.
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