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Offshore And Exclusive Economic Zone Patrol Vessel


Modern patrol vessel functionally adapted and built with outstanding performance in sea conditions for long-term missions, helicopter operations and fast boats.

This unit’s advanced design provides the crew with perfect sailing qualities for marine interdiction, maritime traffic safety and control, search and rescue, environmental control, peacekeeping operations and humanitarian aid.

* Bulit with FASSMER license

Main Dimensions

Total length: 80,6 m
Total breadth: 13,6 m
Depth (to first deck): 6,5 m
Design draft (at maximum load): 3,8 m
Displacement: 1814 t


Maximum Speed:

21 knots (2 x 4080 kW)

18 knots (2 x 2040 kW)


up to 4,500 mn (config. 21 knots)

up to 10,000 mn (config. 18 knots)

Endurance: 40 days @ 64 people


Fuel (Diesel): 200 m³
Helicopter Fuel (JP5): 19 m³
Interceptor Boat Fuel (Gasoline): 12 m³
Fresh Water: 48 m³
Complement: 64 crew + 36 passengers (optional)


Main engines:

2 x Wärtsilä 6L26B2 (up to 18 knots)

2 x Wärtsilä 12V26 (up to 21 knots)

installed power:

2 x 2040 kW @ 1000 rpm (up to 18 knots)

2 x 4080 kW @ 1000 rpm (up to 21 knots)

Propellers: 2 controllable pitch propellers
Bow pusher 1 x 280 kW

Electrical System

Main Generators: 3 x 360 kW, 440V @60Hz
Emergency Generator: 1 x 105 kW, 440V @60Hz

Projection Capabilities

  • Flight deck and hangar for 1 medium-sized helicopter with refueling capacity.
  • Stern ramp for deployment of an interceptor boat.

Special Features

  • Roll Stabilization System (U-tank)
  • Deck crane SWL 4 t to 11,6 m
  • Formas con firma radar reducida
  • Rescue Bay


  • GL-DNV: *100 N5 Aux - NH “Long Range Patrol Vessel” + MC AUT AUX - NM
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