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Large Riverine Support Patrol Vessel


This vessel is designed to operate in sheltered waters and major rivers as a mobile logistics support platform to facilitate longer performance times and deployment of river operations.

This unit has helicopter-landing capabilities. The medical facilities serve both crew, troops and civilians.

The flat hull botton without appendages and is optimized to install a jet pump propulsion system with less draft allowing for navigation in shallow waters.

This ship is designed to serve as logistical support in assault, security and control operations with the capability to install technical intelligence equipment.

Main Dimensions

Total length: 40.30 m
Breadth: 9.50 m
Depth (to first deck): 3.10 m
Draft (at maximum load): 1.26 m
Displacement: 373 t


Speed: 9 knots (16,7 km/hr)
Autonomy: 20 days @ 30 people
Scope: 2900km@ 9 knots


Diesel: 32.5 m³
Jet A-1: 7.5 m³
Gasoline: 21.1 m³
Fresh Water: 22.2 m³


Fixed crew: 30 people
Floating crew: 41 people
Remarks: 4 hospital beds


  • Four M60 machine guns
  • 3 x 12,7 mm double barrel machine guns in armored casings
  • Remotely operated MK 19 grenade launchers

Propulsion System

Main engines: 2 x 450BHP @ 1800 rpm
Propellers: 2 X Schottel SPJ 82 RD

Electrical System

Main Generators: 2 x 76 kW @ 60 Hz

Navigation and Communications

  • Communications: VHF, UHF, HF, Satelite radios
  • Navigation: Radar 24 nm, GPS, Echosounder


  • Tactical Intelligence Room
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