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Metalworking, painting and general welding

Metalworking Tasks
  1. Maintenance and repair of the fixed pitch and variable pitch propulsion lines.
  2. Maintenance and repair of bottom valves.
  3. Maintenance of heat exchangers.
  4. Machining of parts.
  5. Static and dynamic balancing of propellers.
  6. Mechanical brushing.
  7. Maintenance, repair and construction of parts.
  8. Turning, boring, chiseling, brushing and milling.
  9. Maintenance of hydraulic maneuver systems.
  10. Alignment of shaft lines, rudder lines, compressors and other dynamic rotary systems.
  1. Surface Preparation:
  2. Hydro-blasting (ultra-high pressure waterjet, 55,000 PSI).
  3. Grit-blasting.
  4. Sandblasting - external and internal pipes no less than 3 inches.
  5. Cleaning and degassing of tanks and bilges.
General and Specialized Welding

In the general and specialized welding division, we have highly qualified and certified personnel to perform this type of work.

Head of Division
  • Metallurgical engineer
  • AWS Welding Inspector
  • Design and manufacture of tanks, ASME
  • Heat treatments
  • Inspector of welded constructions, level II
  • Radiograph Inspector, Level I
  • Ultrasound Inspector II
  • welded construction inspectors. level I and II
  • mechanical and metallurgical engineers. ACONSEND
Supervisors Inspectors level I and II. ACOSEND
Welders Qualification of welders. Lloyds Register, Germanischer Lloyds, Bureau Veritas

  1. Manufacture and repair of steel structures, tanks and industrial plants.
  2. Welding for specialized and maintenance processes, TIG/MIG/ SMAW/FCAW/SAW.
  3. Manual and optical pantograph cutting by oxyacetylene method and plasma.
  4. Rolling of sheets up to ½” x 2.4 meters.
  5. Sheet bending up to 5/8” x 3 meters (maximum 90).
  6. Cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum sheets up to 2 inch.
  7. Corrective and preventive maintenance of propellers and shafts in bronze and stainless steel.
  8. Thermal projection of wire by electrical arc and projection of dust through combustion.