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Inspection and Testing Department

The Inspection and Testing Department provides a specialized service of Nondestructive Testing (NDT), performed by a multidisciplinary technical team, qualified in each of the techniques (NDT), supported by sophisticated high-tech equipment. This department has the capacity to run, with high quality and reliability and at right time and the price, the different tests required by customers. The department has competent, qualified and certified personnel in different nondestructive testing basic techniques at levels I & I

Nondestructive Levels I and II
  1. Visual inspection
  2. Inspection by penetrating liquids
  3. Inspection by magnetic particles
  4. Ultrasonic Inspection
  5. Industrial Radiography
  6. Inspection of welded constructions
  7. Coating Inspection
  8. Hardness testing
  9. Vibrations analysis
  10. Metallography by Replica
  11. Vacuum Testing
  12. Dynamic Balancing
  13. Water-tightness Testing
Ultrasound Tests
  1. Defectology
  2. Thickness Measurement.
  3. Pipe flow measurement
Liquid Penetrant Testing Liquid
  1. Defectology Used to detect surface discontinuities and defects open to the surface
Magnetic Particle tests
  1. Defectology Technique based on the magnetic behavior of some materials to identify faults in the materials due to magnetic flux leakage.
Roughness Testing
  • Determination of the roughness of machined surfaces or with restriction of this variable.