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Technological Management Programs

On the basis of the results of the pioneering project, “Management Model based on knowledge” (2007 - 2009), a set of dynamics has been generated around processes for managing innovation, which has enabled the Corporation to consolidate the following programs and systems:

Raducción: Business Intelligence System

A system whereby the Corporation, from technological, competitive and contextual perspectives, performs the compilation, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of information with strategic value out of the naval, riverine and maritime industry to timely meet the needs of the context and strengthen processes for decision making.

Intellectual Property System and Technology Transfer.


The Intellectual Property System establishes criteria for the generation, management, protection and ownership of intangible assets at the Corporation. And, furthermore, Transfer of Technology - ToT - is a process or flow of information, knowledge, transfer of intellectual property exploitation rights, know-how, experience, and capabilities generating from the places where technologies are generated towards the places where such technologies are applied for productive purposes among organizations with the purpose of using them in the creation and development of commercially viable products and services.

Project Bank Program

This program’s intent is to incubate Research, Development and Innovation projects within the Corporation by engaging research assistants or trainees from different national and international higher education institutions.