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Research Programs

Cotecmar implements an articulated system of research to produce knowledge and/or generate solutions to local, regional, national and international problems by linking social, economic, cultural and political aspects. These research programs have been named as follows:

Imagen, Arquitectura-naval

Naval Architecture and Engineering

The naval architecture and engineering research and development program encompasses projects associated to product conceptual design and architecture; dynamic hull, control and propulsion, focused on creating new products and improving existing ones.

  • Conceptual design and product architecture
  • Hulls, dynamics and control
  • Propulsion

Materials and naval production technologies

This part is aimed at R & D in the organization’s productive processes; therefore, projects are implemented in the areas of materials and naval coatings; Manufacturing processes; Surface treatment; Planning and control of production and logistics as well as transportation.

  • Naval materials and coatings
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Surface treatment
  • Planning and production control
  • Logistics and Transportation
Imagen, Tecnologías-informática-comunicación-astilleros-embarcaciones

Computer technologies, communication and supporting control for shipyards and vessels

This part focuses on R & D for the development of the following fields: Automation, Integration and Control; Performance and Integrity Monitoring; Power Management Systems (on board); Operations Management Systems (on board); Command and Control Systems (vessel).

  • Automation, integration and control
  • Performance and Integrity Monitoring
  • Power Management System
  • Operations Management System
  • Command and Control System (vessel)