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Sea Patrol Vessel

OPV 93

Patrol and military support vessel developed to increase the operational capabilities respect the current up to 80 m OPVs in order to meet the requirements from Modern Navies.

The unit has outstanding performance features and incorporates the operational experience of the Colombian Navy, plus the challenges it has faced in fulfilling its mission. The vessel’s capabilities are as follows:

Maritime interdiction, control and protection of maritime traffic, search and rescue, humanitarian aid, environmental control and protection, implementation of sovereignty and strategic deterrence.

* 100% Colombian design

Main Dimensions

Total length: 93 m
Total Breadth: 14 m
Depth (to first deck): 7 m
Draft (at maximum load) 4,1 m
Displacement 2665 t


Maximum Speed: 18 knots
Range: up to 10,000 nautical miles (at 12 knots)

40 days @ 64 people

20 days @ 109 people


Fuel (Diesel): 392 m³
Helicopter Fuel (JP5): 44 m³
Interceptor Boat Fuel (Gasoline): 13 m³
Fresh Water: 67 m³
Complement: 64 Crew + 45 passengers



4 x 2200kW (CODAD)

2 x 4800kW (+2 x 630 ekW CODELOD)

Propellers: 2 controllable pitch propellers
Bow pusher: > 1 x 390 kW

Electrical System

Main Generators:

4 X 375 kWe (CDAD)

4 x 740 kWe (CODEDO)

Emergency Generator: 1 X 200 kWe

Drive Capacities

  • Flight deck for a helicopter up to 11 tons and an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV). With Hangars
  • RAS, FAS, HIFR, and VERTREP Replenishment
  • Stern door and ramp to deploy interdiction boat up to 14 meters
  • Side launch system (DAVIT) to deploy interdiction support boats up to 7 meters
  • Two 40’ Mission Containers (Modularity 2 TEU)

Special Features

  • Roll Stabilization System (U-tank)
  • 1 Deck Crane SWL 5 t to 10 m
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