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River Firefighting Boat


Boat specialized in management of fire incidents properly equipped for firefighting in river zones of difficult access with the objective of safeguarding human life and natural resources.

The boat is equipped with fire extension systemsn through water shooting monitors or by attaching flexible hoses.

Main Dimensions

Length: 12.70 m
Molded Breadth: 2.80 m
Depth: 1.53 m
Mean Draft: 0.64 m


Maximum Speed: 46 KM/H (25 knots)
Autonomy: 1 day
Action radius: 500 @ 25 knots


  • 02 Crew / Firefighters
  • 04 Firefighters


  • 02 Diesel Engines 350 BHP
  • 02 Water Jet Propulsion Units

Auxiliary System

  • Two 300m³/hr / 60m bow fire monitor

Electrical System

  • Power Generator DC Batteries 360 A/h@12 VDC
  • Power Generator AC Generator 4kW, 120VAC

Navigation and Communications

Echo sounder, GPS, FIJR camera, lights and fire siren, marine VHF radio, HF radio

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