Multi-Purpose Logistic Support Tugboat


Designed with excellent maneuverability and seagoing capabilities. Equipped for assistance to other vessels, long-haul towage, fire suppression, anchor handling, cargo management and other offshore support services.

The unit is equipped with state-ofthe- art machinery and equipment, radio and navigation devices, safety and rescue gear, monitoring and control of equipment on board, spaces with high level of comfort for crew members and specialized work equipment.

Main Dimensions

Total length: 37, 47 m (123 ft)
Total breadth: 13.50 m (44.2 ft)
Depth: 6.08 m (19.9 ft)
Summer load draft (on baseline): 4.93 m (16.17 ft)
Fixed point pull: 70 t
Displacement: 1488 t
Gross registered tons: 745 ,1 t
Net registered tons: 224 t
Maximum Speed: 12 knots (without towage)


Fuel (Diesel): 300 m³
Fresh Water: 70 m³
Ballast: 205 m³
Oily waters: 150 m³
Foam: 12 m³
Lifting crane: 10 t a 12 m
Free deck area: 150 m2
Crew: 17


Main engines: 2 x Cartepillar 3516C HD B Rating
Installed power: 2 X 2240 KW (6000HP) @ 1800 RPM
Reducers: 2 X Twindisc MCD-3000-8-HD
Propellers: 2 X Z drive Schottel SRP 1515FP
Propulsion and Steering: 1 X 200 KW

Electric System

Port Generator: 2 X 150 kW
Emergency Generator: 1 X 95 Kw

Features Maneuver and Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Anchor system with 2 anchors 765Kg each, with high stopping power.
  • Maneuver winch with capacity of 185 tons and pull line or 15 tons at 22 m/min and 4 tons at 44m/min.
  • Anchorage and support winch with capacity of 150 tons and pull line or 65 tons at 5 m/min and 10 tons at 35 m/min.
  • Deck Crane, 10 t to 12 m capacity.
  • Tow pins and Shark jaws with capacity of 200 tons and handling of lines and chains up to 90 mm diameter (optional).
  • Stern roller 1.1 m diameter, 3 m long, 150 tons SWL cargo.
  • Deck Winch with capacity of 15 t, 50 m of steel wire or 28 mm diameter and pull line from 10 t to 0-20m/min.
  • FIFI firefighting system, classified “Fire-Fighting Ship 1”.

Class Notation

  • 100A1 Tug, Fire-Fighting ship 1 (2,400 m³/hr) with waterspray, LMC, UMS
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