Logistic Support and Coastal Trade Vessel


Vessel with capacity to develop humanitarian operations along riverside and coastal areas. Multi-functional platform that allows its adaptation to different tasks such as logistical support, humanitarian aid and commercial cargo transport.

It´s design enables access to low-draft areas without port facilities.

Main Dimensions

Total length: 49 m
Total breadth: 11 m
Depth (to first deck): 3,1 m
Draft (at maximum load): 1,75 m


Maximum Speed: 9 knots
Range: Up to 1500 mn (at 6 knots)
Autonomy: Up to 40 days (15 people)


Fuel (Diesel): 775.8 m³
Fresh Water: 25 m³
Outfit: 15 crew+ 36 passengers


Power: 2 x 412 kW @ 2100 rpm
Propeller: 2 Pump Jet

Electrical System

Main Generators: 2 x 99 kW, 220V @60Hz
Emergency Generator: 1 x 90 kW, 220V @60Hz

Cargo Capacities

  • Transport on deck (5 tons/m2) maximum 210 ton.
  • Capacity of up to 10 containers (includes 2 reefers).
  • 8 ton @10m hydraulic crane on main deck.
  • Transport of 29 m3 of drinking water.

Special Features

  • Access ramp for vehicles, materials and personnel.
  • 1 deck crane, 10 tons to 12 meters.
  • Water transport 25 m3.
  • Transport of up to 15 m3 of gasoline.
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