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Light River Combat Boat


Aluminum hull designed vessel for the development of military operations in rivers, for 04 crew members, equipped with outboard propulsion. Enables to deploy patrol and reaction operations.

Main Dimensions

Total length: 7.7 m
Total breadth 2.42 m
Depth: 0.37 m
Displacement: 3.8 t
Depth with motors: 0.65 m


Maximum Speed: 27 knots


Crew: 04 people x 120 kg
Fuel: Gasoline, 120 gal
Cargo (ammunition): 250 kg


Main engine: 02 X Mercury 4 stroke
Power: 02 X 90 HP
Steering: Hydraulic

Auxiliary Equipment

Batteries: 03 x 75 A/h@12VDC

Navigation and Communication

Radios: 01 x VHF marino
GPS: 01 x Furuno. GP-39
Radar: 01 x Furuno. 1623, LCD 6 (optional)
Magnetic compass: 01 x Ritchie SS-1002"
Lights: Navigation + Search reflec.

Gun Carriage/Armoring

M240B machine gun: 02 at stern
M2HBD: 01 at bow
Armored area: Shields and air draft on sides

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