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Landing Craft Utility


A vessel capable of developing humanitarian aid operations along In riverine and coastal areas, providing assistance for disaster-response operations and logistical support from the National Navy bases ashore through the transport of troops, containers and general cargo.

The vessel also has the ability to deploy rapid response boats with its crane designed to operate in a Sea State Nato 02.

Main Dimensions

Total length: 49 m
Molded Breadth: 11 m
Depth (to main deck): 3,10 m
Design draft: 1,75 m
Displacement: 574,6 t


Maximum Speed: 9 knots

20 days@51 people

40 days@15 people


1500mn@9 knots

2500mn@6 knots


Diesel: 75 m 3
Fresh Water (FW): 55 m 3


Officers: 3
Petty Officers: 12
Troops: 36 Marines

Propulsion System

Main engines:

2 X Caterpillar C18

ACERT Rating 412 kW @ 2000 rpm

Electrical System

Main Generators: 2 x CAT C44. ACERT 123 kVA @60 Hz

Cargo Capacities

  • Transport on deck (5 t/m2) maximum 210 ton.
  • Capacity of up to 10 containers (includes 2 reefers).
  • 10 ton @12m hydraulic crane on main deck.


The vessel is outfitted with communications equipment that enables the unit to operate as a center for emergency and disaster management, and also perform as a communication platform for joint operations ensuring interoperability with military bases or other types of fleet units.

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