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Fast Riverine Patrol Boat


Armored patrol boat that performs as a command unit for the tactical river combat boat group operated by the Colombian Marine Corps. The boat is equipped to develop surveillance, intelligence, communications, command and control operations.

The hull is built with materials made up of sandwich panels designed to prevent damage caused by groundings. The shape of the gliding hull has been optimized to maximize the performance of the propulsion system in shallow water.

Main Dimensions

Total length: 12.7 m
Breadth: 2.8 m
Depth (to first deck): 1.53 m
Draft (at maximum load): 0.65 m
Displacement: 11 t


Maximum Speed: 32 nudos
Range @ 25 knots: 500km@25 knots
Autonomy: 5 days@6 people


Fresh Water: 25 Gal
Fuel (Diesel): 1.74 m3 (460 Gal)


Crew: 06 crew


  • 1 fire point for machine guns of up to 12,7 mm (double) at bow
  • 1 fire point for machine guns of up to 12,7 mm (single) or grenade launcher at bow
  • 2 fire points on each side for machine guns of up to 7,62 mm

Propulsion System

Main engines: 2X 500 HP KW@2500 RPM
Propulsion: 2x Type Water jet

Electrical System

Generators: 1x7,8kW@60Hz
Air conditioning: 1 X 16,000 BTU/h


Firefighting: C02 engine room, 3x ABC portable
Danforth Type Danforth Type
Bilge pumps: 4x 2000 GPH

Navegation and Communications

  • Radar 10 mn Echosounder
  • VHF, UHF, HF Communication frequency
  • IR camera system
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