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Amazonic Patrol Vessel


Military river ship with capabilities for border control, river security, search & rescue, environmental control and humanitarian aid operations.

Main Dimensions

Total length: 53.10 m
Molded Breadth: 9.5 m
Design draft: 1.5 m
Depth: 3.10 m
Displacement: 465.17 t


Maximum 15 knots
Speed: 5556 km @ 10 knots
Autonomy: 20 days, 61 people


Engines: 02 Diesel engines x 1081bkW@2100 RPM
Propellers: 03 water jet propellers 1000bkw@1030 RPM

Power Generator

Main generator: Two 118 kW Generators -230VAC@60Hz
Emergency generator: One 105kWGenerator -230VAC@60Hz


Diesel Fuel: 58 m³
JP5 Jet Fuel: 5 m³
Gasoline: 11 m³
Fresh Water: 25.5 m³
Container Cargo: 1TEU

Accommodation Area

Fixed crew: 43 people
Floating crew: 22 people
Hospitalization: 04 people


Main deck - Bow: One 25 mm gun
Deck 02- Bow: 01 M19 Grenade Launcher
Deck 02- Stern: Two .50 Machine guns
Main deck - Bow: One .50 Machine gun
Imagen detalle PAFA
Imagen silueta PAFA-ARC

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