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Advanced Coast Guard Plataform


Non-propelled naval craft, whose mission is to perform as a platform to support the projection of coast guard operations from sheltered waters. It has capacity for berthing 4 boats of up to 12,5 m in length, accommodation for 11 people in cabins and 14 people in a multipurpose room. The craft can provide fuel at boats as a gasoline supply station.

Autonomy for 40 days (food storage), 16 people (8 crew + 8 people in transit) and electric power generation. 20- day freshwater autonomy for 16 people (20 m³ in tank + rainwater collection capacity).

Main Dimensions

Total length: 19,20 m
Breadth: 15 m
Depth: 1,50 m

Auxiliary Equipment

Diesel Electric Generator: 120/240 VAC, 60HZ, 125A
Shore connections: 120/240VAC 60Hz 50A
Bilge system: Submersible pumps
Wastewater system: biological treatment plant for 20 people
Drinkable water system: Pump and hydro accumulator
Fuel system: Supply by hand pump
Air conditioning system: Air-cooled A/C units

Tank Capacity

Fresh Water: 20 m³
Gasoline: 5 m³
Diesel: 6 m³


Single Commander Cabin (with Bathroom) 1
Double Female Cabin (with Bathroom): 1
Quad Cabin: 2
Multipurpose Cabin (14 Hammocks): 1


Galley: 1
Offices: 2
Mess: 1
Communal bathroom: 1


12” Cleats: 8
6” Bits: 6


The second level of the platform has a bulwark that functions as a shield in armored NIJ Level III Special Steel with a thickness of 3/16” on the outer perimeter of the accommodation zone. At the corners of the second level, the unit has 4 sentry stations with gun muzzles to provide the platform with defense capability.

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