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Corporate valuesCOTECMAR


In Cotecmar, with every dream, great ideas are born, all of which are subsequently turned into realities resulting in better and more efficient processes, products and services aimed at innovation and continuous improvement.




Each and every member of Cotecmar stands out by their constant willingness to a culture of service; we are committed to and accountable for applying our knowledge and skills to achieve as a team the proposed goals for the benefit of the Corporation and its stakeholders.




In Cotecmar, leadership is part of our organizational culture and is present at all levels, through which promotes excellence amongst all the Corporation’s members by combining efforts towards the achievement of common goals.


Social Responsibility

In Cotecmar, we recognize our responsibility to the State, society and everyone of its members; therefore, we frame our business in environmental protection, sustainable development and social and economic order.





Cotecmar’s members are an example of honesty and we always act in a transparent manner; hence, we are true to our ethical principles and reject any conduct that harms the Corporation’s reputation, in pursuit of stability and permanence for future generations.