River Berths


Modular structures designed for berthing smaller river boats, as well as for boarding and disembarking people and light cargo in riverside areas, where variable water levels and strong currents may occur.

Type A Berth

Main Dimensions

Length 6.60 m
Draft 3 m
Breadth 0.90 m
Center Depth: 0.30 m
Draft @thread displacement: 5.90 t
Thread displacement: 03
Number of Modules or Pontoon:  
Module 1 and 3: 3.00x2, 40x0, 90 m
Module 2 (central): 3.00x1, 80x0, 90 m

Type B Berth

Main Dimensions

Total length: 13.20 m
Breadth: 9 m
Depth: 0.90 m
Draft: 0.30 m


12” Cleats 16
3” Double bitts 14


LED ceiling lights: 12
Maneuver spotlights: 07
Red signaling light: 02


  • Two 6 m boats in inner bay
  • Two 9 m boats
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Imagen, EMBARCADERO_silueta

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