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We develop projects for the construction of platforms, vessels and naval craft under a wide range of working possibilities, defense and dual-use technologies.



We believe that a vessel must always operate at its optimum level, and that is precisely the condition we are committed to leaving vessels in as they depart from our facilities.



Not only do we have the capacity to repair vessels, but we are also capable of meeting any need that may arise in the process by means of a complete and comprehensive offer.


Knowledge is the most valuable asset of any organization, and at Cotecmar we transform and innovate knowledge always thinking of improving our processes and becoming more competitive



Cotecmar has positioned itself as one of our continent’s most important naval design facilities with highly qualified personnel, advanced technology and state-of-the-art methodologies.


Timely, reliable, independent and impartial calibration of dimensional and pressure measurement equipment by complying with quality standards both nationally and internationally.


Noticias Cotecmar

    COTECMAR construye buque patrullero oceánico para Colombia

Un nuevo Buque Patrullero de Zona Económica Exclusiva (OPV por sus siglas en inglés OFFSHORE PATROL VESSEL) será bautizado y botado al agua en la tarde de hoy en Cotecmar, astillero de la Armada Nacional de Colombia.
Ofshore Patrol Vessel

    Honduras firma contrato con COTECMAR para la construcción de buque naval

Honduras, a través de la Secretaría de Defensa Nacional y la Corporación de Cotecmar, adscrita al mismo Ministerio y la Armada Nacional de Colombia, firmaron en Tegucigalpa un contrato para la construcción de un Buque de Apoyo Logístico y Cabotaje

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    Entrevista Contralmirante Jorge Enrique Carreño Moreno

Entrevista al Contralmirante Jorge Enrique Carreño Moreno - Presidente de Cotecmar - Encuentro industrial GSED

Eventos Cotecmar

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