TAM-Type Ambulance Boat


Boat for the medical transfer of critical patients with high level gear providing timely care during travel under the requirements established by the NTC 5211 Colombian technical standard. The boat has the capacity to operate in inland waterways and protected waters.

Main Dimensions

Total length: 12.20 m
Molded Breadth: 2.80 m
Depth: 1.53 m
Design draft: 0.53 m


Maximum Speed: 46 km/h (25 knots)
Range: 230 km @ 25 knots

Auxiliary systems

Air conditioning 1x15.00 btu/h


Engines: 02 FB engines, 4-stroke 250HP @5000 RPM

Electrical System

DC Power generator: Batteries 100 AH@12 VDC
AC Power generator: Generator 7,5 kW, 120 VAC

Navigation and Communications

  • Eco sounder
  • Marine VHF radio
  • GPS
  • Set of siren lights for marine-type
  • Ambulance Loudspeaker system
  • AIS Blowhorn


  • 02 Crew
  • 02 Medical staff
  • 02 Patients
  • 02 Companions


The boat will be equipped in accordance with its scope of service (TAM) as per resolution 3100 of 2019, Ministry of health and social protection.

As an option, the gear and capacity of the boat can be estimated according to the service area (TAB), as per the requirements of the client.

Imagen, detalle TAM
Imagen,Silueta TAM

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