Supplier Portal


COTECMAR, innovating in all our processes, has developed a mechanism "connection with suppliers" to facilitate the supply of materials.

This mechanism aims at supplying materials through a direct connection to strategic suppliers through the information system of the Corporation and visualized by the suppliers that are part of this modality. 

Grupo Proveedores Cotecmar




  • Automate and accelerate the process: Align and standardize the procurement procedures and systems in the organization.
  • Optimize and reduce costs: maximizing savings in paperwork and average administrative costs.
  • Improve strategies and compliance: allowing a more timely response to the internal customer
  • Implement the largest number of alliances; identifying which alliance is accurate for each type of material depending on its costs and associated risks.

With this supply mechanism, the Corporation's workforce related to the process will analyze and develop procurement strategies, associated with product differentiation and continuous improvement through a correct procurement process for each type of material, establishing information Timely performance of contracts and suppliers, developing suppliers through win-win strategies.